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really helpful inrfomation. I imagine it took a lot of work. I actually spent a couple of hours scanning most of the 800 pages of Parkers report until I started getting dizzy. Lots of smalls in the $5-200 range which is good. Shows the little guy wants to pitch in. I think this really shows the advantages incumbents have. There was a fair amount of $5k ballpark donations mostly from engineers and architects, lawyers, community big wigs etc., and taking a look at the heavy hitters, the $10k club, I found;Lockwood Andrews & newman PAC (engineering firm)Vinson & Elkins PAC (Law firm)Andrews & Kurth Texas PAC (Law Firm)CH2M Hill Texas PAC ( engineer-procure-construction)Cobb Fendley PAC (Engineering firm)Houston Associate General Contractors PACHouston Contractors PACRoman Martinez (of Austin)Bracewell & Guilliani (Law Firm)Annies List PAC (Democratic Womens PAC)Gay & Lesbian Victory FundTREPAC Realtors (Texas Real Estate Agents)Plumbers Union
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